Automatic loading of welding station


The market offer of Andon Automation covers the majority of applications and industry segments. Our competitive and high productive solutions emerge from a strong focus, with related development, on the general industry.

The most profitable production concepts emanates from a close co-operation with the end user. While the investing company posses’ knowledge around the products to be welded, Andon Automation adds robotic application skill and experience.

Andon Automation provides a wide range of system modules – a result of more than 35 years of development of robotized production solutions. The modules cover practically all product sizes and complexities. Based on these modules we supply conventional cells for volume production and flexible systems for low batches.

We do not only provide welding companies with hardware, but also with advanced software tools. Through 3D modeling we can – prior to investment take place – define a virtual and exact copy of the defined and agreed concept. This facility minimizes cost for specific engineering and secure correct concept with optimum productivity once in production.