Welding of bridge section

One-piece production

Many workpieces that are manufactured in different sizes or where the position of some sub-components can vary, are ideal for one-piece production.

It is in this type of cases ideal to use macro programming.

All different welds are programmed as for conventional workpieces, while the position or dimension is fed in by the operator when a new workpiece is loaded.

The new dimensions can be filled in by the operator via a separate computer, or be downloaded automatically from a host computer.

Welding of dumper buckets

Dumper buckets

In this case, the manufacturer need to be able to produce dumper buckets of many different sizes down to one piece production. It is not sure that the same dimension of dumper bucket will be produced again.
The size of the dumper can vary in length between 4400 and 8300mm and height between 900 to 1400mm.

Also the location of the ”cross” at the bottom where the lifting mechanism is attached can vary.
There are in total 193 different welds inside and at the outside and no fixed weld programs can be used since all weld positions vary from one dumper to the other.

In-feed of dimensions for macro programming

The operator can feed in the different dimensions that can vary by using an Andon User Interface or directly in the robots programming unit.

The operation is carried out after that a new workpiece has been loaded and while the robot is working in the other station. In this way, the production will not be disturbed.

The new dimensions of the workpiece are down loaded to the robot controller after which the robot program is automatically up-dated with all new data.