Robot on travel track with two work stations

Volume production

The majority of all robot installations are based on a cell concept. The robot is in those cases altering between two or more work stations in order to obtain continous production. This principe is valid for production in large batches or when the set up time for the product is relatively short compared to the welding cycle. Andon Robotics can deliver cell concepts for all types of products.

Two axes positioner with station interchange

The most common type of robot station at volume production is a positioner with station interchange. It gives the operator possibility to load/unload on one side while the robot is welding on the other side.

We can for this type of stations deliver a vast number of different types of positioners with different number of axes and for different load.

Loading/unloading with robot

An alternative to the above is to use a robot for loading and unloading of workpieces in the welding cell. Different types of magazines (depending of type of products) can be filled and the station can operate unmanned during shorter periods.

Stationary gantry with two robots

For large workpieces, we use some type of robot carrier, such as floor mounted travel track, travelling column, stationary gantry or travelling gantry, in order to move the robot between two or more work stations.

We are in this example using a stationary gantry with two robots that can move between two welding stations.