Welding demonstration

Customer Day 2008

Andons annual customer days

Andon´s annual customer day event this year took place in Örebro November 03-04. The theme was Optimum Weld Result and part of Andon´s strong focus on Arc Welding Robot activities towards the General Industry.

Andon offers complete systems, based on ABB robot technology and own system modules, linked to the application and process competence of the Andon personnel.

Number of participants has gradually increased since the start of Andon in 2004. At this occasion more than 200 customers that attended the event of which 40% came from abroad.

During the two days Andon was supported by demonstrations from ABB, ESAB, Fronius (through Axson in Sweden) and Dinse – all market leaders with world class products and services.

The event started with a one hour presentations, covering current market situation, investment criteria’s, software and process issues for improved production results. Mats Myhr from ABB held an appreciated lecture around possibilities and advantages with ABB control systems.

From the six demonstrations special attention was drawn to:

  • ABB FlexArc cell with automatic generation of weld production through VirtualArc and RobotStudio technologies.
  • New search laser from Axson, with unique features.
  • Tandem welding from ESAB, new method with high market potential.
  • CMT welding in aluminum
  • Multilayer welding with ESAB flux cored wire, using joint tracking, generated through offline technology
  • New developed production system from Andon – APH500 – for low batch production

Andon Modular Graphical User Interface for all type of welding applications

Customers and exhibitors were invited to common evening activities, which contributed to a highly appreciated event.