Demonstration after welding

Customer Day 2010

Andon’s annual customer day for Swedish customers.

The theme for this years annual customer day was Profitability through competitive robot welding.

The event started with presentation of the current market situation and trends, followed by a deeper presentation of possibilities to increase profitability in arc welding and thermal cutting robot stations in combination with Andon’s know-how and system offer.

The presentations were followed by demonstrations in six individual stations covering among other things an aluminium welding station with two IRB2600 robots and an IRBP500R positioner using MultiMove independent functionality and laser sensors for seam finding and gap detection, a travelling gantry with two robots covering and area of 42m × 6m × 2,25m for welding of super structures where a new developed advanced programming system was used.

The mix between customers already using our robot systems and new customers is of high value for the visitors, they get the opportunity to exchange information and gain experience from each other.